Monsieur Cube provides digital services.

Every face of them.


Consulting and R&D: Monsieur Cube lives in the space of innovative user interfaces, image processing, machine learning and will help you with custom-made projects!

Design and implementation: Monsieur Cube speaks C++, Python, Javascript, Java, OpenCV, Meteor, Ruby on Rails… He will gladly learn the most exotic technology to support your project!

DevOps, hosting and maintenance: Monsieur Cube takes care of all or any the parts of your “stack” to ensure that your project is stable and future-proof.



Monsieur Cube is an avatar of the collaboration between complementary profiles:

Dave Hops has been a passionate computer nerd since his childhood. As a self-learner always on the look out for the latest technology trend, he takes care of operations and maintenance. In his spare time, he experiments too much with self-hosting (email server, DNS server, iot…) in his homelab.

Quentin Gineer received his Engineering degree in Computer Science from the Institut national des Sciences appliquées (INSA) de Lyon and participated long-term student exchange programs with the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) and the Trinity College Dublin. He learned software engineering, computer science, networking, project management…

Doctor Bonnard received his Ph.D. in Human-Computer Interaction from the École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) under the supervision of Pierre Dillenbourg and Frédéric Kaplan. His thesis, Paper interfaces, an HCI approach to geometry education, led him to invent and develop innovative, robust and simple solutions, mixing the best of various technologies (in this case paper and computers)

All these profiles live in the physical person of Quentin Bonnard, founder of Monsieur Cube EURL, Metz, France 😉


Following are some of the clients Monsieur Cube enjoyed working with. (While he hopes that the feeling is mutual, this does not constitute en endorsement.)


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